The Clothes Calling Card

Ever been frustrated that you can't support stores you love because they don't carry things that fit you? Ever been sad that shops never seem to order enough of your size of clothing, or design a range that includes your size and shape?

You are really not alone.

The Clothes Calling Card Campaign is for you to politely point out to people who design and order clothing that you would happily give them your money in exchange for clothing that fits, and to give them an indication of the demand for sizing ranges they don't currently stock.

You can buy printed cards from us, or it's free to download your own calling cards to print and distribute.

All proceeds from the sale of these cards will go to Dress for Success, an organisation that helps people who can't afford professional clothes get the wardrobes they need to participate in the professional world.

Downloadable versions are distributed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0 license. This means you can download, use and redistribute them for free, and remix them as long as you apply the same license, but you can't sell them.

One is designed to be handed to a store assistant or manager. You could also mail it to the shop owner or CEO.

Buy five or ten of these cards, or download the PDF.

The other is designed to be left somewhere in a store to raise awareness with other customers.

Buy five or ten of these cards, or download the PDF.

Received a calling card?

So someone has left a calling card for you. That means they love your clothes, but they can't buy them because you don't stock their size.

While we appreciate there has to be a market for any expansion, we hope our calling cards will help you realise there are customers waiting to spend money on your products, if you'll let them.

We want to wear your clothes and we think we'll look damn good in them. If you don't agree, that's your loss.

Please consider diversifying your sizing range, and including people of all shapes and sizes.

About the campaign

The Clothes Calling Card Campaign (CCC) is a collaboration between @dreyafean, @allygarrett, @coleytangerina and @merxplat to raise awareness of how many people love fashion but are left out of 'mainstream' sizing.

The card is intentionally designed to be applicable to all clothing items, and for people of all sizes who experience exclusion from clothing stores.

Feel free to personalise your card, and use which ever one you feel most comfortable with.

Hopefully, together we can start a conversation about how many people would love to spend money on clothes they like, but aren't deemed desirable customers by too many designers and stores.

The CCC reminds those people what they're missing out on.

You can contact the campaign at if you like.